No Credit Check and for sale by owner rent to own homes

    Need to find a home but have bad or no credit? All hope is not lost, as there are a number of no credit check homes available for you to take advantage of today. While some of these options have been available in the past, they are now more prevalent in a market with a large number of homes for sale and a small number of buyers with high enough credit scores to qualify for traditional loans.

Owner Financed Homes – Also called seller financing, these types of homes are purchased from the owner, who gives you the loan to buy the house. As long as you can demonstrate your ability to pay the loan back with interest, no credit check will be needed. To make this work to your advantage, you should consult a real estate lawyer to analyze the agreement and to read the fine print. In an effort to get more potential buyers interested in a property, some owners will offer the rent-to-own for purchasing the house. This essentially means that you will live and pay rent in the home for one to three or more years while the seller continues to own the property and there is no credit check. At the end of the term, you can choose to buy the home and a portion of the rent payments you have made will go toward to the purchase price.

Loans for No Credit Check Homes – These types of loans usually last a shorter period of time, have a higher interest rate and use the house as collateral if you default on the loan. However, if you make the payments on time every time, it will improve your credit score in the long run.

Getting the down payment and a loan to go with it for a house can be a challenge, especially if your credit score is low. However, rent to own homes offer a unique opportunity for renters who dream of being able to paint and upgrade their residence as they see fit.

Typically rent to own homes have the occupant pay rent for three or more years while living on the property. After that time period is up, the renter has the option to become the buyer with a portion of the rent payments made over the last few years to go toward the total purchase price.

Sellers will offer rent to own homes for a number of reasons. In a slow moving housing market, it has become more difficult to find a buyer who is interested, has a decent enough credit score to get a loan and has the ability to put up the required down payment. While there are program such as the Federal Housing Administration that don't require a large down payment, not every potential buyer nor house will qualify for that or other programs.

You also get to test the waters before jumping head first into a purchase. This is a major advantage buyers have when they rent to own – unexpected pest problems, structural issues and other common house concerns won't surprised when you purchase the home because you will have lived there for three years.